Write for Us

ASICAL values education. Therefore, it recognizes all media and platforms that can be used to reach out to people. Education, after all, is reaching out to and connecting with people, so they become better informed. This is why it acknowledges the fact that everyone, even the members of this online community, has the capability to share thoughts, ideas, and their learning with one another. As such, ASICAL is open for content contribution from our online community members.

You are free to share your observations, knowledge, thoughts, and tips about education and its related topics. Here are some rules that you need to keep in mind if you want to contribute to ASICAL.

Rules for Contributors

1. Please go over our content and observe how everything is presented. Please take note of the writing style, as well as the tone and flow of the articles. Your contributions do not have to be of the same style; we just want to make sure that you take note of the quality of our content.

2. Please send us a one-paragraph description of your article before submitting the complete and final copy to us. We do this to make sure that your content is original and unique; that it is not similar to the others already posted on the blog. This also helps minimize the incidence of copy-pasted contributions.

3. Your article should be saved and submitted in Microsoft Word format. Font style and size is entirely up to you; as long as the document is in Word.

4. Only ____ submissions are allowed per person per month. Multiple submissions are accepted as long as they are intended for publication on different dates.

5. Submit your contributions by email to __________________________. Please do not forget to write a short description of yourself. Include details about your social media accounts. And please attach a good copy of your latest photo.