Top 3 things an organized teacher should have

If you a teacher, you know that being organized is as important as anything else in your daily life. You need to organize your things inside the classroom, in your bag, and in your study at home (assuming you have one). Organizing things properly is one of the secrets of becoming an effective and affective teacher. If you’ve been having problems getting organized lately, check out this list of things that you should have so you can finally start the ball rolling.

1. Index cards, folders, and folder labels.

You need index cards so you can write down a summary of your day-to-day classroom activities. It’s like an outline of what you need to accomplish on that day, for that particular subject or event, or even for a specific student. Of course, you will need something to hold your index cards and other classroom documents (like your students’ class reports and activities). Therefore, you need to have as many folders as you can. And you have to label each folder. For example, the one that will hold the index cards should be labeled “Daily Activities Index Cards,” while you can label the other folders per subject so that it will be easy for you to identify where to place your students’ activity papers. If you can’t find labels that you like, go for different folder colors.

2. A pencil case or a pen holder.

This is for your pens and pencils. You should not leave them scattered on your table or anywhere else in the classroom. You should keep them in one place, inside a pencil case or a pen holder. This makes it easier for you to find the pen or pencil you need without having to look all over the room.

3. A used shoebox. Or used shoeboxes.

The used shoebox should be covered with gift wrapping paper, or any other decorative material, to make it look presentable. While the pencil case is for your pens and pencils, the shoebox is where you should keep all the office and school supplies inside the classroom. This includes your students’ pens, pencils, pads of paper, crayons, scissors, and other what-not. Prepare as many shoeboxes as you can and arrange them in one of the shelves in the classroom.