Top 3 things to keep in mind when choosing a college course

A lot of college students often lose interest in their courses for several reasons. For some, it is because their parents were the ones who chose the course for them. For others, it’s simply a matter of making the wrong choices. If you are about to enter college and do not want to make the same mistake, check out these three tips you need to know so you can choose the right course.

1. List down your reasons for choosing a course.

The first thing that you should determine is the reason why you will pick this course over that one. Are you choosing it because you’re sure to have a financially rewarding future? Or is it your first choice because it is something that you love? No matter how financially promising your college course is, if you do not like (or love) it, you won’t be happy about it. And this will affect your performance in college. So instead of learning and getting good grades, you will most probably end up with failing marks, feeling miserable, and you might lose the opportunity to earn big bucks (that is if you’ll even get a job!). If you love what you are studying, everything comes so easily. You’ll do good (and even excel) and your future will be bright.

2. Listen only to yourself.

Do not listen to anyone else. Listen to yourself – and only to yourself. No one else except you knows what you want. Other people may give you advice, but the final decision should be yours. After all, you are the one who will be studying, not them. It is your future you are considering here, not theirs. If you allow others to decide for you, you are already throwing your chances of becoming successful someday.

3. Do not enroll in a course just because your best friend or boyfriend enrolled in it.

Choosing a course because you want to be with your best friend or boyfriend is totally wrong. This is actually related to number two because you are basically allowing someone to influence your decision. If you choose a course just because it is what your best friend or boyfriend took, how sure are you that you will like it? How sure are you that you can last in something that’s not interesting for you? Unless you have the same interests and strengths, go with your best friend or boyfriend. If you are not, stick to what you like, what interests you, and what you really want to do.