How do you encourage or motivate your students? Here are 3 suggestions

Nowadays, encouraging or motivating students is quite difficult because most of them are exposed to technology. They spend a lot of time using gadgets and devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, and other similar technological stuff. Most of them are so used to these devices that listening and talking to someone like a teacher or professor has become boring for them. But this can be corrected. You can change this. You can encourage, you can motivate your students to become more interested, attentive, and responsive in class. Here are three suggestions you need to consider.

1. Use different teaching methods.

The more varied your teaching methods, the better. The more interested your students will be. Include different audio and visual activities in your day-to-day lessons, because this is the best way to capture their attention. So for example, on a Monday, play some music that is somehow related to the lesson you are trying to help them understand and appreciate. The following day, even if you are talking about the same topic, show a video or two that your students that can somehow explain the subject or lesson. On day three, you can come up with an activity that will require your students to participate, like a play acting activity. Your varied teaching methods will not only entice students to pay attention and participate in the discussion, but it will also complement the students’ learning styles.

2. Don’t rely on the books on your table and shelves.

Students like teachers who are confident about what they are discussing or teaching. They find bookish teachers boring. So, as much as possible, do not rely on your books. From time-to-time, go the unconventional way and take your students out of the classroom. You can bring them to the museum, the radio or TV studio, to a restaurant kitchen, or to an exhibit. Your outdoor activity depends on the topic you are learning in class.

3. Motivate your students by applauding or praising and congratulating them.

Every time your students complete a task or perform well in activities, do not forget to applaud or praise them. Do not hesitate to congratulate them. Acknowledging their achievements will make them feel special and confident. For them, it is an indication that they are doing something good, so they will strive to do the same thing from then on.