About Us

Education is essential for a good future. It might be not the only thing you need in life, but it is something that can help make life easier for you. An educated person has a big chance of becoming successful considering, of course, that he/she is diligent, disciplined, and hard working.

In our highly technological world, however, education has taken quite a big leap, what with all the technology available. Whether you are a teacher, a school administrator, a parent, or a student, there are a lot of things about education that you still need to know and understand. This is why ASICAL is here.

ASICAL is an online community dedicated to education and all issues related to it. It was created for anyone who wants to be constantly updated with the goings-on in the academic world: latest teaching strategies, educational training, tips for teachers and parents, How-tos, special features for students, and other similarly relevant topics.

Our team of passionate professionals regularly checks sources and contacts to make sure that everything we post here is up-to-date. This team is made up of educators who are dedicated to ASICAL’s mission of reaching out to people and helping them become better informed about education. Additionally, the team is confident that the blog can serve as a platform for understanding and encouragement for everyone – the teachers, administrators, parents, students, and out-of-school individuals – so they will make education one of their major priorities in life.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” (John Dewey)